About 'Mad Stork'

My name is Ken Geiger. I started shooting with real film my senior year in high school. I was taking photos of everything I saw and loved. Nature, cars and motorcycle shows, friends and weddings.


I started ‘real life’ as a carpenter which helped feed my love of photography for a short period of time. Unfortunately, as life went by, so did the funding to develop my photos, so my photography would be put on hold for some time.


Fast forward 15 years and a changed profession. I’ve been a professional firefighter for a big city in New York State with a steady paycheck. So one day I’m wandering through a large vintage car show in NYC, a beer in one hand and my Blackberry in the other. I’m starting taking pictures with my Blackberry of the cars and the pinup girls modeling with them. This is when I told myself, it’s time to go get yourself a real camera again!


I have had a real passion for motorcycles and everything involving them. I started going to a lot of local events as well as major motorcycle events throughout the country including Daytona, Americade, Laconia, and Sturgis.


Through the years and going to these events, I have made some good friends. One day several years ago during Bike week in Daytona one of my friends introduced me to the editor of Cycle Source magazine. My friend told the editor to check out my photos, so while looking through my camera, the editor asked for several of them. Since then I have had a hundred photographs and several articles in this national grassroots motorcycle magazine.


I have also had articles and photographs in Thunder Press, a national newspaper devoted to American motorcycles and the culture that surrounds them.


Oh, and the name Mad Stork. This had been a nick name of mine for many years. I have these long skinny legs and pretty much any tall skinny legged bird has been a nick name of mine. I have been called an Emu, Flamingo, and an Ostrich. But it seems like Mad Stork has stuck the longest.


I hope you enjoy the photos on my website. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or photography purchases.


Thank You!
Mad Stork


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